USC honors Samantha Josephson at graduation

South Carolina News
Samantha USC_1557624908047.JPG.jpg

Graduating seniors at University of South Carolina remember one of their own in a bittersweet ceremony. 

An empty seat draped with a cap and a gown marked the spot where Samantha Josephson should have been sitting.

Police say she was killed in march after getting into a car she believed to be an Uber she had ordered. The University’s president honored Josephson by presenting her parents with a posthumous degree in political science in her honor. 

He also led students in a chant of “what’s my name.”  That’s the campaign her parents launched to remind people to ask drivers to say their name before getting into a car.

Lawmakers in South Carolina also passed a bill after Josephson’s death that requires Uber and Lyft drivers to display illuminated lights in their vehicles. 

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