COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – We are less than a year away from the Presidential primaries in South Carolina and candidates are working to win over the state’s voters.

Democrats have bumped up the state’s primary to first in the nation in 2024. President Joe Biden won the primary in 2020, propelling him to win the Democratic nomination later that year.

He officially announced his reelection bid Tuesday.

College of Charleston School of Humanities & Social Sciences Dean and Political Science Professor Dr. Gibbs Knotts said Democrats could decide ultimately not to hold the February 2024 primary following President Biden’s reelection bid.

Knotts said South Carolina Democrats also tend to be more conservative than national Democrats and this could lead to a more moderate candidate winning the state’s primary.

On the Republican side, the 2024 primary will remain ‘First in the South’. With the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary ahead of it on the calendar.

When South Carolina Republicans head to the polls, they could find two South Carolina politicians on their ballot, former Ambassador and Governor Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott. Senator Scott has yet to announce an official bid for President but has launched an exploratory committee.

Dr. Knotts said history shows South Carolina Republicans have a knack for backing the eventual nominee. “We almost always pick the winner on the Republican side. The only exception is 2012,” he said.

Knotts said South Carolina voters will have an opportunity to meet and hear from the candidates many times over the next few months. He said, “We’ve got a lot of responsibility as South Carolinians to make sure we play a role in vetting who could ultimately be the nominee.”

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