South Carolina Gov. McMaster signs bill making John De La Howe Governor’s Agriculture School

South Carolina News

Tuesday, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed bill S6-13, naming John De La Howe the state’s Governor’s School for Agriculture.

“I don’t think we can calculate the great good that is going to come from this place where we are today.” Gov. McMaster said during the ceremony.

The residential campus is on 1,300 acres of farmland in McCormick Co., and provides high school students with hands on learning experiences.

“I love it here. I get awesome opportunities and responsibilities that I’m just getting everyday,” student Anna Grace Cross said. “And the hands on learning experiences, I’m taking in every moment that I can get.”

School officials hope their graduates will become leaders and innovators in the state’s number one industry, agribusiness.

“Agriculture is South Carolina’s number one industry,” President Timothy Keown said. “The work force needs employees, so we’re trying to bring nobility back to the field of agriculture.”

While the school currently has 34 students, they are accepting applications to expand that number next school year.

“The seeds that will be planted from this school here are the seeds that you will see later on as leaders in our state,” Senator Gerald Malloy (District 29) said.

The state has two other Governor’s Schools, but John De La Howe is the first and only for agriculture.

“All sorts of things in agriculture are booming, and coming to life all around the country, but there’s not another place in the country like this,” Gov. McMaster said. “This is the first such institution.”

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