COLUMBIA, S.C. (WJBF) — Earthquakes have become common in South Carolina, with many occurring in the Midlands in 2022. It has led the South Carolina Emergency Management Division to launch a brand-new tool to help residents prepare for earthquakes.

According to SCEMD, the Earthquake.SC website is a new interactive tool “designed to guide people through the fundamentals of earthquakes in the Palmetto State and how to best prepare for them.”

Described as a “quick, adaptive, and flexible online reference,” you can access the new site through your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

“We have experienced more than our fair share of low-magnitude earthquakes this year. None of them have been large enough to cause any damage, but we encourage everyone to be prepared for a major earthquake; however unlikely the possibility may be,” SCEMD Director Kim Stenson said. “Earthquake.SC is another tool in the toolbox for people to use when becoming their own emergency managers and being as ready as possible for earthquakes in South Carolina.”

The new site features interactive sections including an interactive map, safety tips, and more. There’s also a section that addresses facts and myths about earthquakes.

The state reportedly experiences approximately ten to 20 earthquakes each year, however, there were more than 80 low-magnitude earthquakes reported in Kershaw County just this year.

For more information, visit Earthquake.SC.