NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WJBF) – After days of heavy rains and rising waterways, some parts of North Augusta under water due to flooding, were drier today.

Some parts of the trail here in North Augusta off the Savannah River were closed recently. I spoke with a number of people who said the water issue is a lot better today than it was yesterday.

It’s a typical day along the savannah river. Crews are working … families are walking and biking … and we found Ann Matson.

“I try to come out here at least once a week. I walk some other places, but I try to come here at least once a week,” said Matson, an Augusta resident.

The scene is a lot different from earlier this week. NewsChannel 6 told you about flooding in the area, including 5th Street Marina.The murky water … found its way over to North Augusta near the greeneway. We’ve learned it’s normal to see this type of flooding on the river.

Matson said, “This is the first time I’ve noticed water to be up this far in this part.”

Parts of the trail were blocked off after two days of rain. Officials say that’s still the case, even though parts of the barricades are knocked over.

“There is water over there. And I have noticed the water being much higher on the side of the river than it normally is down here. I also notice a couple of trees down,” said Matson.

While the water is slowly receding, Matson is concerned about the current water level.

Matson said, “A little bit…yes, because I believe they said it has; the river has not Crested yet, or it’s close to that, so there could be some more. So we just need to watch it.”

Officials tell us the water is at its highest level since 20-20. It’s expected to crest sometime this weekend.