COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – The South Carolina Gubernatorial candidates spoke Wednesday about abortion legislation.

7NEWS spoke with Democrat Joe Cunningham and incumbent Republican Governor Henry McMaster to get their opinions on abortion rights.

Governor McMaster pointed to the conference committee drafting a new abortion bill, which the House and Senate have yet to agree on one.

“What we are urging them (conference committee meeting on abortion) to do is to take their time and produce a bill- one that must be acceptable to the vast majority of people in the state… then not present the right bill,” Governor McMaster said.

Cunningham expressed his concern over the state’s decision.

“He wants full government control over women’s health,” said Cunningham. “The government can say or do anything- so we’re going to put a stop to it and remind people that the only thing standing in the way of government control is your vote.”

The conference committee in the state house is expected to come to a decision in mid-November.