SC educators hopeful ‘dual-modality’ teaching model could be stopped by lawmakers

South Carolina News

COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — South Carolina lawmakers are working on a joint resolution that would require all school districts to offer full face to face instruction by April 26th.

Last week, the House removed a proposal in the joint resolution (S.704) that would prohibit teachers from having to teacher in-person students and virtual students simultaneously. Educators refer to this model as ‘dual-modality’.

House members said they wanted to clarify some language surrounding the issue. They sent the bill back to the Senate.

The South Carolina Education Association (SCEA) and their members said they hope Senators put the ‘dual-modality’ portion back in the legislation. Under that ‘dual-modality’ would only allowed under extreme circumstances and teachers would have to compensated extra for it.

SCEA President Sherry East said some of their members have left their teaching jobs because of ‘dual-modality’. She said, “It has been the final straw that broke the camels back..they left the profession.”

According to East, she hopes this is resolved sooner rather than later as teachers across the state finalize their contracts for next year.

She said many of them would like to know if they’re expected to teach virtually and in-person simultaneously. East said it also hurts the students.

East said, “”Students deserve 100% of our attention – whether they’re in front of us or on a virtual platform. When you divide it up and make a teacher teach both you’re not really giving either one of them 100% of your time.”

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