NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C., (WJBF)– North Augusta High School is honoring the girls’ basketball team after four straight state championship titles.

The team won the state championship in 2017. Then again the next year. And the next. And the next.

“It was a whole bunch of butterflies, a whole bunch of nerves,” former head coach Crystal Cummings said.

“I just kind of sat back and watched them. It was good to watch them jumping up and bouncing around and so excited,” head coach Al Young said.

The high school is commemorating the girls’ four year winning streak by unveiling plaques and team photos in the new gym.

“It makes me happy because I know when I come back in a few years it will still be up there and I can basically tell everybody I was a part of that,” senior player Arin Moore said.

Head coach Young and former head coach Cummings say they hope their players remember those wins for the rest of their lives.

“I hope it just puts them back to where they were when the buzzer hit 0-0-0 and we were crowned state champions each and every year,” Cummings said.

“They’re able to see that any time they come in this gym. Generations from here on will be able to see those things and those awards and achievements they made. I just think they’re going to be so proud of that,” Young said.

Senior player Aricka Moore says for her, it’s always about more than winning games.

“It just gives a lot of representation to women alone. Younger girls get to see that they can do that,” Moore said. “They have more role models now than they did in the past.”

The players say on the court, they learned to work hard, work as a team, and believe in themselves.

“Everybody needs to understand that they are a special group of young ladies,” Young said.