WARRENVILLE, SC (WJBF) – Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the folks at Green Energy Biofuel want to make sure you’re putting your used cooking oil to a good use.

“You’d be surprised with how many people pour their cooking oil in the backyard. That creates a massive environmental problem because that oil just doesn’t soak in to the ground and go away, it actually floats up to the surface of the ground and every time it rains it gives a coating to the ground where animals can’t survive. It kills plants and wildlife,” said “Bio Joe” Renwick, the “Head Honcho” of Green Energy Biofuel.

Green Energy Biofuel started about 14 years ago by converting cooking oil to biodiesel for vehicles. They service all of the mid-Atlantic and have four locations servicing thousands of restaurants and food service companies that generate large volumes of fats, oils, and greases that need to be recycled and given a second life.

“What you buy in a store obviously it’s clear. It’s beautiful. It’s pure oil. Ultimately, a lot of what we do is just refining that oil to get it back to the state that it started and then from there we can sell that biofuel to the biofuel industry for other companies to turn it in to biodiesel, because what we create is 80% of what is required to make one gallon of biodiesel. That can fuel any diesel vehicle without any modifications at all and reduce emissions in every one of those vehicles,” said Joe.

“You take oil here, dirty oil and turn it in to clean oil, about how much do you do in a day?”

“Well we can do 200 thousand gallons in a day, roughly 52.2 million gallons in a year, that we recycle through our plant,” said Taylor Strickland, of industrial sales and marketing.

If you’re looking to get rid of your cooking oil, it’s not hard. Just go to their website and find your local recycling center. They also have drop offs at all of their home branches.

“What you want to do is put your oil back in to the container that it came in after it cools. You don’t want to melt the container with hot oil. So, you pour it back in here and then you just pull up to one of our recycling bins. You’ll find these at the recycling centers, but also in front of our plant and then you just pour the grease in,” said Strickland.

“Do I need to let anybody know that I’m doing this?”

“No. You can just go straight to the recycling centers, just like any place, but you want to make sure this is only cooking oil. You do not want to put motor oil in here. It contaminates it. This is for cooking oil only,” said Strickland.

Green Energy Biofuel is doing what it can to help the environment. So, if you’re not sure on what to do with that old cooking oil this holiday season, they’ve got you covered.

“Please don’t through your oil away. Please bring it to use and let us give it a second life. Let us help you help the environment. Let us help you be sustainable and do the right thing with your oil and recycle it,” said Joe.

The folks at Green Energy Biofuel were more than happy to explain to us the process of what happens when oil comes in, and what happens while its there:

Before we left ,Green Energy Biofuel had one more demonstration for us. They gave a demonstration on how to, and how to not fry a turkey. The local fire department was on the scene to make sure everything safe: