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Gov. McMaster on campaign trail, stops in Aiken Thursday

Aiken, SC (WJBF) - South Carolina’s Governor is on the campaign trail and Aiken was one of four stops on Thursday. The Governor will stop at 15 cities across the state ahead of the primary election, which is on Tuesday, June 12.

Gov. McMaster addressed supporters in The Alley in downtown Aiken and we talked to some people who came to see him. Barnwell County Councilman Ben Kinlaw says he has already voted for the Governor on an absentee ballot and came to show his support.

“I supported him when he was Lieutenant Governor. Supported him when he was Attorney General and have already voted for him,” says Councilman Kinlaw.

We talked to another man who said he was undecided so he came out to see if the Governor could sway his vote. McMaster said his track record in leadership sets him apart from the competition.

“I'm the one running who has experience getting laws passed as Attorney General as Lieutenant Governor and as Governor,” Gov. McMaster said.

Some were disappointed he did not come to the town hall organized by the Aiken Republican club last week, even though the other four candidates were there. We asked the Governor about this on Thursday.

“I can't be but one place at a time, but I try to go everywhere I can. That is why I am here today! I've been to Aiken many times over the years. I'll be coming back many times. I love Aiken!” The Governor said.

On Thursday, he highlighted some of his key platforms. One of them is that he wants to put a trained police officer in every school across the state. The Mox Facility at SRS is another hot topic due to its shaky future. McMaster says he is talking to the powerhouses in Washington D.C. to keep it going.

“I've spoken to the President about it. I've spoken to Secretary Perry about it,” Gov. McMaster explains. “I’ve conferred with our senators, our congressman and we are fighting. The plan that is a holdover from the prior administration is to close it down. I have presented the facts—that is a bad idea.”

When it comes to being South Carolina’s Governor, McMaster says he is the only candidate who has actually done it.

“When you're winning like this, you don't fire the coach and put in a rookie. You just keep on winning!” McMaster said to the crowd.

There are 4 candidates running against McMaster during the Republican primaries—Retired marine and businessman John Warren, Former State Senator John Yancey McGill and current Lieutenant Governor Kevin Bryant. The candidate giving McMaster the closest run is Charleston Attorney Catherine Templeton who held multiple titles in Gov. Nikki Haley’s administration. 

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