HAMPTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The estate of the former Murdaugh family housekeeper has reached a settlement with Palmetto State Bank in connection to an embezzlement scheme allegedly orchestrated by disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh.

Gloria Satterfield died in 2018 following an alleged fall at the Murdaugh’s home. Alex Murdaugh organized a multi-million dollar wrongful death payout for Satterfield’s sons, but instead pocketed the money.

He recruited his longtime friend Cory Fleming to represent the sons, and Chad Westendorf, who worked at Palmetto State Bank, to facilitate.

Satterfield family attorney, Eric Bland, said in part “although Palmetto State Bank never handled the settlement funds, nor was it responsible for the alleged actions of Alex Murdaugh, Palmetto State Bank and its board of directors made the business decision to prioritize ending this matter for the mutual benefit of Ms. Satterfield’s sons, its customers and shareholders, and the Hampton community at large.”

Bland continued, saying “the Satterfield family appreciates Palmetto State Bank’s decision, agree that it has acted responsibly, and confirms that Palmetto State Bank continues to be a good corporate citizen in Hampton County and throughout South Carolina.”

Although Bland declined to disclose the amount of the settlement, he said that he and his co-council Ronnie Richter have “recovered more than the original $4.3 million on behalf of our clients from five potential defendants and target parties.”