SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg School District Five removed a book that was found at a middle school Scholastic book fair.

A parent told 7NEWS the comic called Heartstopper Volume Two was on the shelves of a book fair at Florence Chapel Middle School.

The parents said the comic features a homosexual relationship and contain profanity and sexual language.

Spartanburg School District Five Superintendent Randall Gary sent out an email Thursday afternoon that said an inappropriate book was removed and is under review by district leaders.

District Five said its administrators who reviewed the book agreed that it was inappropriate for seventh- and eighth-grade students.

The district reached out to Scholastic to share its concerns.

“HEARTSTOPPER is a hugely popular, well-reviewed, and award-winning series,” a spokesman for Scholastic said. “In keeping with industry wide standards, it has a recommended reading level of ages 12 and up.”

The company said it tailors its books to the grade levels of the schools it visits. Interested parents and educators can preview some of the books coming to their school’s fair by looking up their school on the Scholastic website.