WALTERBORO, SC (WSPA) — The defense team for disbarred South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh rested its case in his double murder trial Monday.

Murdaugh is accused of killing his wife and son in June 2021 on their family property. Over the last two weeks, his attorneys have worked to convince a Colleton County jury he’s innocent.

Monday, they called two experts to the witness stand to discuss the crime scene and autopsies. They went over some graphic details about the murders of Paul and Maggie.

Both experts testified that according to their analysis and review, the shot that killed Paul was a contact shot, which means the muzzle of the shotgun was in direct contact with the back of his head.

This contradicted the state’s pathologist who conducted the autopsies. She had said the fatal shotgun blast that killed Paul was shot from a few feet away at close range.

Crime scene analyst Tim Palmbach believes whomever shot Paul would have been covered in biological material and possibly injured. He said according to his analysis, he believes there could have been two shooters.

“My opinion is the totality of the evidence is more suggestive of a two-shooter scenario,” he told jurors.

The weapons used to kill Paul and Maggie have not been found prosecutors say.

During cross-examination, state prosecutors pressed Palmbach about the shot that killed Paul. They pointed out his blood and hair was found on the the ceiling of the feed room where he was killed. Palmbach said, “The explosive release of the gas trapped in the cranium will push back upward in the direction of where the barrel was.”

Monday afternoon, Murdaugh’s brother John Marvin was called to testify. He talked about what he saw the night of the murders and how he returned the next day to help clean up the feedroom where Paul was killed.

“I saw blood, I saw brains, I saw pieces of skull.. For some reason I thought it was something that I needed to do for Paul to clean it up,” he said.

Following his testimony, the defense rested its case. The trial is set to resume Tuesday morning with rebuttal witnesses from the state scheduled to the stand.

Judge Clifton Newman granted a request from Murdaugh’s defense team to allow the jury to view the Moselle property where Maggie and Paul were killed.

They are expected to see the scene of the murders later this week.