Church built in one day now open

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People celebrated the first service of the Christ Family Center. A church built in one day.

“I’m very happy. We looked and hoped for this day for 11 years,” said the pastor’s wife Ivory Snipes.

With the smell of paint still lingering, sounds of joy and Amens sweep through the new facility of Christ Family Center, a Pentecostal church. 

NewsChannel 6 first reported on Friday that family christ center was built in just a day and that was not easy. their biggest test, the weather.

Pastor Robert Snipes explained, “About 350 men came to Denmark to build this church they didn’t mind the weather. In fact, when it rained on Friday these brethren were working just as hard in the rain just as they did Thursday.”

The new church building is a big upgrade for the Pentecostal group. They used to hold their worship services in a double-wide trailer and now they can seat more than 120 people in their sanctuary.

“That is the main tool of a church is the place where the altar where you can come and can repent of your sins. You can ask for forgiveness,” said Ivory.

The new Christ Family Center also features 3 new Sunday school classrooms.

“We had to raise about 80 to 90,000 dollars required to build a project like this you’ve got to have $150,000 on hand,” said Pastor Snipes.

Pastor Snipes added the fundraisers are always worth it.

We’ve been fundraising for the last 24 months it kind of like focus on trying to get there, trying to get there and know that we got there last Friday afternoon it was just a dream come true.”

Pastor Snipes continued, “We want the community to know that we’re here for them and we’re here to serve them and do anything we can to support them and to make sure God is their God.”

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