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Annual Christmas tree lighting in the "Peach Capital"

JOHNSTON, S.C. - "Every big town was one time a small town," said Pastor Steve Hall.

Weaving through the peach orchards of South Carolina you'll find the Town of Johnston.

"The openness that people have here to come together I mean it's not everywhere you can go but this small town is really an exception," explained Hall.

Johnston Mayor Terrence Culbreath added, "Sometimes you go into the cities and you hear all type of things. You see all type of things. When you look at Johnston and why I think people should care this right here gives you a glimpse of what a community could be."

Almost everyone in town was out in full force for the lighting of Johnston's Christmas tree.

"I call it our beacon. This is our time of the year we get to put our beacon out there alright," said Culbreath.

When Mayor  Culbreath was first elected in 2014, he wanted to get his native town a new beacon

"The one we had, it was good but it wasn't great."

Now there is a new beacon standing tall in downtown Johnston.

While some us get lost in the hustle and bustle of life during the holidays, in Johnston one thing the people will not lose is their sense of unity.

"You look around you see young folks, older folks. You see black people, you see white people, Hispanic people, Asian folk. It's everybody. I mean, I like that," said Mayor Culbreath.

Hall added, "You're going to find a different spirit here. A spirit of unity and acceptance for each other so I think that's the biggest thing."

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