Berkeley County deputies are using Facebook to track down a woman, who now has warrants out on her. And it all began with a simple traffic stop.

In their post, they say it happened on March 9th when a Deputy was patrolling Red Bank Road in the Goose Creek area. He noticed a white Plymouth SUV with defective equipment and committing a traffic violation.

A traffic stop was conducted and the driver told the Deputy she did not have a driver’s license. She gave the Deputy a name and date of birth which was run through dispatch. Her name came back clear so she was issued a citation for “No Driver’s License in Possession” and was advised to bring ID to court, so her identity could be confirmed.

But, later, on March 13th, a Goose Creek officer who helped with the traffic stop called the Deputy with some interesting news. She was on Facebook when a profile, matching the name given to deputies on the traffic stop, popped up on her “people she may know” list. But, the name was for a different person, completely.

The officer sent a message to the woman’s profile, asking if she was stopped by law enforcement recently, to which she replied no. The officer told the woman about the traffic stop, and that someone used her name and date of birth. The woman said it could have been her sister, 31-year-old Amanda Leigh Wall.

Officials looked Wall up through the DMV and confirmed she was the individual stopped back on March 9th. Wall now has Warrants for Driving Under Suspension 1st and False Information to Law Enforcement.

On Facebook, the Sheriff’s office says “Hey, Amanda. It’s the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office… you know, the ones you lied to on a traffic stop on Red Bank Road in Goose Creek? Ring a bell?” and “Amanda, if you are reading this we want you to know that you need to be honest with yourself and turn yourself in. If anyone reading this knows Amanda, please give us a call or hit us up in the DMs.” They ended the post with a few hashtags, #GirlStopLying #HideAndSeekMasters #YouThoughtYouFooledUs #WellJokesOnYou #WarrantsDivisionWantsYou