MCCORMICK COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – Savannah Lakes Village, built in McCormick County about 30 years ago, is home to hundreds of people, mostly retirees, located on the banks of Strom Thurmond Lake.

Some people living there say a postal delivery rule is stopping them from getting their mail.

“Any house that’s built on a street with no other homes on it will not be getting mail service,” Guinn Lane said.

The change took effect for postal delivery in 2012, but Gerry Goldstein and Guinn Lane said even though their homes were built before 2012 the postmaster is still not delivering their mail.

“I tried to change my banking address, my credit card, my bills. Nobody would recognize my address because the post office didn’t. It was like I didn’t exist,” Lane said.

Congressman Jeff Duncan held a townhall at the McCormick chamber of commerce Monday.

Organizers of a grassroots movement from Savannah Lakes held a rally near the chamber meeting in order to bring the issue front and center to their representative in hopes of getting it resolved.

“To try to put some pressure on the upper echelon post office people to talk to our CEO of our POA and resolve this thing,” Gerry Goldstein said.

Congressman Jeff Duncan said its an issue he’s been dealing with for years and he sympathizes with the residents of Savannah Lakes Village.

“We’re just as frustrated as they are that we can’t get my staff or myself in front of the right people to have this conversation. They won’t even listen to us or respond to our letters,” Rep. Jeff Duncan said.

Duncan said its an issue he will now take the US Postmaster General.

“We’ve got to get in front of the postmaster general and raise this issue because once I do think we’ll start to see some things happen,” Duncan said.