Some Augusta homeowners see delays with trash collection


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Trash collection in the city of Augusta is now under the microscope after reports from people about late pick ups.

In one West Augusta neighborhood, people put their trash out on Mondays. But collection, lately, has left some homeowners wondering about the timing.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with Bill Ashe, President of Aylesbury Commons HOA. He told us, “Sometimes the trucks don’t come until about 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Trash and recycling cans go out in the Aylesbury Commons neighborhood in the morning. But pick up has been touch and go for some time. Ashe said it’s a bit of an inconvenience.

“Yeah, I get the calls,” he laughed.

Karlton Clay, who also lives in Aylesbury Commons, agreed there is an issue with lateness. “The only inconvenience is just the parking because it’s not a lot of parking in this area already so with the trash being there, we have to find different ways to park when the trash is late.”

Trucks were certainly out working Monday, with some neighborhoods filled with empty trash receptacles at the curb. But the problem has already reached at least one commissioner and she told NewsChannel 6 it is worse than just a few hours.

“I’ve got constituents calling me about garbage not being picked up all through District 3,” said the commissioner for that area, Catherine Smith McKnight. “They’re a couple of days behind. I understand this may happen once or twice, but when it becomes a regular thing where people are not getting trash picked up for a couple of days, it’s late, yeah, I’m going to bring it up and we’re going to discuss this.”

A spokesperson with the city’s Environmental Services Department told the commission last week that the garbage truck fleet is aging and drivers are needed. We reached out for more information, but we’re still waiting.

Over at Aylesbury Commons, Ashe said he’s reached out to that department too in order to help educate homeowners.

He added, “She will be getting more questions about it so hopefully she will have definitive answers because she has been invited to our upcoming HOA meeting.”

Ashe also said Commissioners Smith McKnight and John Clark have both accepted invitations to attend the meeting.

As for late trash collection, NewsChannel 6 reported back in October that Augusta’s garbage haulers will not be fined for missed service.

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