AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – For homicide investigator Lucas Heisey solving crimes is personal.

“If I can help solve or help bring some kind of bandage to their wounds then I feel like I’ve accomplished something,” Richmond County Sheriff’s Office homicide investigator Lucas Heisey said.

Investigators with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office said they’ve have had 32 homicides this year and only six are unsolved.

That puts their homicide clearance rate or number of arrests at 81 percent.

“We increased the amount of investigators. We started a cold case squad as well. We’re trying to open up new avenues of investigation so we can put forth as many tools as we can to the community to help solve crime,” Heisey said.

Investigators said building trust within the community is a big part of solving crimes.

“So, with homicides if you have more witnesses and more people willing to go on record and more people willing to tell you what happened that’s how you solve them,” Heisey said.

It’s the help from the community that helps homicide cases end in an arrest.

“You can have all the CSI and crime scene stuff you want, but without the community and without people willing to tell you what happened that’s not going to add up to much.”

Though the homicide investigation division has been successful in solving crimes and bring closure to families,   Heisey said he would like to see less gun violence and more illegal firearms taken off the streets.

He said that will take a community effort.

“This gun violence is something that we have as a community have to come together to change,” Heisey said.