APPLING, GA. (WJBF)- Despite the recent amount of tragedies in the area, Solid Rock church hosted its annual Family and Friends reunion. 

“Family and friends, or homecoming, is just an opportunity for family and friends to come back together,” Pastor Larry Sims.

Since the pandemic, the church was unable to hold the event like they usually do, but Pastor Larry Sims says this year they were excited to welcome everyone in the community. 

“God has blessed us to share, we just open it up to the entire community. A lot of times, that’s how you can reach people,” Pastor Sims said.

The event included a variety of foods from each family, tables were decorated with different themes and families had fun with it through a friendly competition.

“Um, there’s a caution one, I’m not sure who did it, but that’s probably the best one so far,” Cailyn Sims said.

“Yeah , I like the caution one as well,” Kerrington Parker said.

But the fun didn’t stop there, there were water slides, bounce houses and other activities for the kids to enjoy.

Solid Rock’s event was located at Pine Knoll Farms and food vendors like Big T’s Fish and Whipped Creamery Ice Cream were just a couple of the sponsors for the day. 

Event coordinator Dorothy McCladdie says she’s glad to see everyone fellowshipping, especially the youth. 

“I hope and pray that this event will not only be an event for this day, that it will bring people  back to our church, off the streets. We have so much crime, so much going on in our community.” 

Church leaders say they just hope that people see the importance of togetherness and community. 

“So, it’s just a wonderful day of faith, family, fellowship, and as you’ve seen, a lot of food,” Pastor Sims said.