AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- For 54 years the Signal Towers complex hosting the US Army Signal Corps Museum as well as Fort Gordon troops and employees.

Now the 10 story buildings will be demolished – making way for the installation’s new  cyber campus.

“We’re going to have the most state of the art technologies we’re going to have access into cloud resources we’re going to have ample classroom space to make sure that we put up the best in newest technology in front of our soldiers ” said Brigadier general Paul Stanton.

Soldiers and veterans gathered Friday to witness the memorialization ceremony for the signal complex. Eddie Cleves, an army veteran says he came to the signal complex in 1970 when it was brand new.  He says the towers’ demolition is a sad occasion and   he wants to remember the the Signal Towers’ history.

“ it’s sad…. It’s a sad day. I know progress is being made but it’s a sad occasion that’s why I’m here “ said Eddie Cleves, Army veteran.

The military construction will be done by all army soldiers on the base and Georgia’s 12th district congressman rick allen says the new construction will bring more technology not only to the army installation but around the US

“and we are and we plan to be the most technology superior fort in the country and that’s why you’re seeing all this new construction that’s why you have to see this new construction  “said Congressman Rick Allen.

The buildings will be town torn down in  over the course of 6 months. Construction of the Cyber Campus is expected to take several years.