SLED investigation into election now underway in North Augusta


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) — A state investigation is underway in North Augusta following a request to SLED after an election earlier this year.

Not much details have been released into why this investigation was called in the first place.

But we do know according to SLED, they received a request to investigate in mid-may. The election was held in April.

Three Republicans and three members of the Constitution Party were vying for the seats. All three Republicans won.

Shawn reached out to several organizations, agencies, and several people who were apart of the election to get more information on the case. Many didn’t know about it until media reports surfaced Tuesday night. Others declined to comment.

When Shawn spoke with the Aiken Elections Commission, officials told him they first learned of the investigation from media reports. He also spoke with the state board of elections. Their knowledge is limited, as well.

“I did see the article yesterday and I saw comment from SLED and that’s something you would have to ask them about,” Chris Whitmire with the State Election Commission said. “I’m not aware of what they are doing. We’re not included in their investigation,” he added.

SLED, of course, is not able to release information on an on-going investigation.

Meanwhile, Shawn was sent an interesting social media post. In it, it shares possibly details on which why the investigation was called.

He’s working to confirm those details.

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