AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF)- The push to raise funds for a new building for the Signal Corps Museum continues. 

The Signal and Cyber Museum Society’s hope is to claim the potential home to artifacts that tell the story of the men and women who have fought for our freedom, based out of, what is now, Fort Eisenhower. 

“We need to save our story; we need to secure our story and that’s why we need people to help us,” SCMS Consultant Ann Morrison said.

With the renaming of Fort Gordon, to now, Fort Eisenhower, Signal Corps Museum Organizers used this special day to share the message; to raise funds for the museum’s potential home.  

“Today we get to celebrate the name change, but also the history of the men and women that served, here, at the fort; whether they’re at the Signal regimen or the Cyber regimen and to give them a home for their history for future generations,” Chair of Board of SCMS BG (Ret) Welton Chase said.

The cost of the building– located off post– on Gordon Highway is about four million dollars and board members say every dollar counts.

“If we’re able to purchase this building, we will be able to put those things– that are now in storage at Anniston Army Depot down in Alabama– we’ll be able to put all of those things into this museum,” Morrison said.

Morrison tells me she hopes their message reaches everyone, especially those with ties to Fort Eisenhower.

“For people who have been part of the Signal Corps, Cyber Corps, the Fort Gordon story, the Camp Gordon story– dig into your pockets, make a contribution.”

“It’s a reminder of who got us here, it’s a reminder of what they did to fight and win our nation’s wars,” CEO, AFCEA LTG (Ret) Susan Lawrence said.

So far, the society has collected about half a million dollars and are still looking for donations. To learn more about how you can donate, visit.