Augusta commissioner Sias vows to fight charges at community breakfast


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – More than three dozen turned out for Sammie Sias monthly community breakfast. Sias has been holding these for six years, but this was the first time while being under federal indictment.

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A concern for many. 

“Oh yeah absolutely, it’s a terrible thing, really a shock. Almost we didn’t know what was going on, we just came here to see if there was any more information to put out,” said Bob Hughner who attended.  

Sias uses these forums to address community issues but said he would also address the elephant in the room, the indictments.   

“I’m committed to fight like hell, Hoo-Ha! I’m committed to fight like hell, and I’m going to do that, second one thing in a fight you can always lose, you go in to win, but you can always lose I understand that but what would I be if I didn’t fight,” said Commissioner Sias.  

 Most of the commission is out of town at a conference but Commissioner Ben Hasan was in attendance.  

“You’re innocent until proven guilty I respect that is his approach to it and I respect that at the end of the day,” said Commissioner Hasan 

“Should he remain, or should he step down?”  

“That’s not our call the commission doesn’t have any provision to do that at this time maybe in the hands of the governor to make that decision,” said Commissioner Hasan. 

If Sias expects to be suspended by order of the Governor or if he plans to resign before is something he did not share.  

“You vowed to fight,”  

“No comment,” said Commissioner Sias, 

“You said you vowed to fight on.” 

“No comment, okay what I said to them you we’re able to hear that, that’s fine no comment,” said Sias.  

Many in this audience have received help from Commissioner Sias on many issues, but if that help will be there in the future is in doubt at this time.  

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