Should Paine College Rescind Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree?


AUGUSTA —  Did you know that comedian Bill Cosby has an honorary doctorate degree from Paine College?

Cosby has dozens of honorary degrees from colleges across the country.

Now some Boston University students are calling for his honorary degree to be taken away.

It seems everyone in Augusta has an opinion on the latest details about the Bill Cosby rape allegations.

“Doesn’t surprise me. I thought there was something wrong with him since Fat Albert,” William Mitchell said.

“If he’s guilty of the crime, he should serve the time,” Rich McCracken said.

“It seems to me, in America, people find fault with anything. As to whether it was true or not, that’s ultimately up to God,” Bree McCracken said.

And even though court documents were recently unsealed that state the comedian said, “yes,” when asked under oath if he purchased Quaalude’s to have sex with young women, there are some in Augusta who don’t have an opinion on the matter.

“I have no way of gauging whether it’s true or not. I hear what he says. I hear what they say, but I wasn’t there, so I really don’t know,” Rhea said.

“You know, that’s his life. He messed it up, so what? What can you do about it? And it’s been year’s ago, they’re saying,” Gail Sullivan said.

News Channel 6 asked people if Paine College should rescind his honorary degree.

“Let the proof come out a little bit more.”

“I think they should now because they already took down the statue at Disney Land. They should definitely do that too.”

“What he got the honorary degree for, is for his philanthropy and all the good things that he did, which has nothing to do with the personal part of his life.”

“That actual degree that he has is just a piece of paper and if they want to take it back, I think they should.”

We reached out to Paine College about taking away Bill Cosby’s degree, but we have not gotten a response from the school.

When we do, we will be sure to let you know.

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