AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF)- If you’re heading downtown for some retail therapy this week…..

“You may have passed by a store a hundred times, but this gives you an incentive to go inside look around kind of explore and rewards you for shopping there,” said John Porter, Downtown Soul City.

Downtown Soul City and The are teaming up to make your shopping fun, with the ‘19th Hole Retail Crawl.’

13 Downtown stores will give people grand prizes when they shop in at least three locations, collecting points as they go.

“And we do have these cards so everybody can get a golf scorecard at each store so we all have these and we all have cute little golf pencils as well so you would fill out your card just like you would a golf scorecard,” said Jennifer Tinsley, owner of Field Botanicals.

Grantski Records is one of the stores participating in the retail crawl, hoping to get more exposure.

“So we’ve been open since 2016 and we moved downtown two years ago and we sell new and used vinyls, used cassettes, turn tables, just audio equipment and anything for the pop culture lovers,” said Evam Grantski, owner.

Soul City and The help local entrepreneurs promote their businesses.

They say this event is important during a time like Masters week, because people may frequent the downtown area for restaurants only —  but these retailers want shoppers to know they’re there, too!

“What we’re trying to do is promote the retail in the downtown area because that’s kind of what downtown lacks is a really good quality of retail; so there’s several of us that have really nice retail stores, but people don’t know about it,” said Tinsley.

“A lot of the stores get a lot of the foot traffic during the week and customer loyalty but I think most of it is really just discovering what’s in your hometown or travelers, discovering something new about Augusta that’s to love,” said Porter.

The retail crawl ends April 10th, click here to learn more about the 19th Hole Retail Crawl!