Sheriff's office investigates non-profit, organization leaders says scam accusations are false

Columbia County, GA (WJBF)—Accusations made about a nonprofit that fundraises here locally. The Columbia County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

NewsChannel 6's Ashley Osborne talked to one of the investigators on the case, the man at the center of the accusations and also to one of the teens involved with the situation.

The teenage girl tells NewsChannel 6 that she first learned about The Georgia Youth Club when she saw a sign posted in her neighborhood that read—"Part-Time Job for Teens." She says she called the number to get involved. Her mom says she gave her daughter permission to work with The Georgia Youth Club, but says she was not told exactly what they would be doing or where.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office says the Georgia Youth Club is a legal organization. "They're registered with the IRS and with the state," says Sgt. Ryan Whittle, an investigator with CCSO.

Sgt. Whittle says they are investigating the organization after a group of teens dialed 911, while working with the local supervisor. According to the incident report, the girls told officers the non-profit "was a scam."

We caught up with one of the teens listed in the incident report. "I just thought it was going to be fun," she told NewsChannel 6. She says working for the organization turned out to be different than she expected.

"It was really boring to me. He made us walk around, we had to carry stuff. We had to go up to people and make it seem like we were homeless…We were supposed to lie to the people," the teen described.

The man at the center of these accusations is Raheem Carvey. He says none of the claims made against him are true.

"They just made up lies and false statements saying that I taught them how to scam rich white people, which does not even make any sense because, like you guys already found out, everything's legit," Carvey says. "What I found out from the other kids is that they were mad that I couldn't take them home."

Carvey says he joined the program at 14, and over the last 6 years, it has helped shape him. "I treat every kid like my little brother or little sister and for them to even have those accusations, it really kind of broke my heart," Carvey describes.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office says they got numerous calls about Carvey's organization—mainly from people asking if they could trust the group. Deputies say, while the Georgia Youth Club functions legally, Sheriff Clay Whittle has not endorsed them.

Sgt. Ryan Whittle says they are still investigating the organization.

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