AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — The approval of $62,000 in funding for the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office budget will allow for 50 new cameras to be installed around the city.

Some people living in Harrisburg hope some of those cameras will go into the neighborhood to help cut down on crime.

” I think if they knew they were cameras and more police patrolling it would slow down the crime a lot,” Maria Cornajo said.

James Murray is the pastor of Bible Deliverance Temple which sits in the heart of the Harrisburg area.

Murray said the cameras could help decrease crime seen in the neighborhood.

” That amount of money can’t put a camera on every corner obviously, but it you could get two or three in various neighborhoods especially down inner-city ways I think it would be a tremendous help,” Murray said.

Sheriff Richard Roundtree said the cameras will include surveillance and license plate readers and will go in high crime areas.

” Based on the areas where we’ve had some concentrated gun violence the cameras will go up in those areas. We also have some mobile cameras that can be moved if we see areas that do see a rise in crime,” Roundtree said.

He hopes it will help to address the recent uptick in violent crime across the city.

” This is what we consider one of our immediate proactive measures that we can do. This is not a long-term fix. Eventually like I said when I got in office ten years ago, eventually we want a countywide system that will cover all of the county,” Roundtree said.

While Roundtree would not give specifics on where those cameras are going, he said 25 have already been installed and are in use.

He said they were also able to add an additional nine cameras to their network through working with neighborhood associations.

” The more cameras we have up and go in our network the safer the city is going to be.”