AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — A traffic stop turned into an officer involved shooting at the Charlestowne South apartments off Lumpkin Road Thursday.

” It’s one of the worst feelings you can have as a leader of an agency. I was actually here in the office and heard the call go out,” Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree said.

Investigators say 25-year-old Ladeeje Harvey, the woman accused of shooting Deputy John Tarpley, was the passenger in a car driven by Darius Rivera that was pulled over for a traffic stop.

” At that time Ms. Harvey exited the vehicle, retrieved a five-year-old son from the rear passenger seat, ran and attempted to enter the apartment,” Roundtree said.

Investigators said a struggle began after deputies Dantavion Jones and John Tarpley tried to stop Harvey from entering the apartment.

Deputies said that’s when Harvey reached into her purse, pulled out a gun and shot Deputy Tarpley in the upper right chest while her five-year-old son was standing in front of her.

” At no point would you have ever thought that a mother one would pull a weapon on two deputies and fire that weapon, but also to have your five-year-old child standing between you and that officer,” Roundtree said.

Deputy Jones then returned fire hitting Harvey twice in the leg before she fled the scene.

“So, you can actually imagine how the officers felt when they in fact had to defend themselves also seeing that a five-year-old child was also there too,” Roundtree said.

Roundtree said Harvey not only endangered the officers, but also her son who was treated at the hospital after receiving cuts to his knee from broken glass.

” This is definitely the result of an individual who had no regard not only for her life but the life of her own child and that’s unconscionable to me,” Roundtree said.

Deputy Tarpley has been released from the hospital and is in stable condition.

Harvey has been charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and cruelty to children in the second degree.

Harvey has been released from the hospital and is currently incarcerated at the Richmond County Jail.