Waynesboro, GA (WJBF) – Sheriff Alfonzo Williams is putting emphasis on looking through every cold case in Burke county to seek justice for families.

NewChannel 6 sat down with the sheriff and a family who’s waiting for answers to find out what difference a fresh set of eyes could make.

“Since coming into office we have decided to put an emphasis on our cold cases,” said Alfonzo Williams – Burke County Sheriff

“He wanted us to look into every cold case that the county has had on record,” said Ben Harman – Lt. of Investigations Divisions

Cameron Hampton – Investigator – Burke Co.

“other investigators might’ve exhausted everything they could find, that’s why with a fresh set of eyes, someone new to look at it is always a good thing,” said Cameron Hampton – Investigator – Burke Co.

64-year-old Simon Powell disappeared in June of 2016, his family is still searching for answers.

“It’s hard for our family to get to a point where we can say we understand. Right now it just seems like we’re out in this dark cloud and we’re fighting our way through trying to figure it out,” Juanita Powell – Daughter-in-law of missing person.

Investigators say that in some cases time causes relationships to change among families or witnesses and that change can create a whole new lead when it comes to solving a cold case.

“Just call the police office and just let them know what you know at least so it can be checked into… because at this point we don’t know anything,” said Juanita Powell – Daughter-in-law of missing person,”

“9 times out of 10 the people who are afraid, are afraid of retaliation from the suspect,” said Ben Harman – Lt. of Investigations Divisions

“You know I’ve never been afraid to talk, I might don’t wanna talk sometimes but I’ll talk when I need to and this is a situation where we need to,” said Ernest Powell Sr., Brother of missing person.

As time goes on– the Burke County Sheriffs office hopes to find out what happened to Simon Powell and solve other cold cases collecting dust inside evidence boxes.

“The longer it sits the more difficult it is but we’re hoping that with the breakdown of those relationships, as people start to talk, as people start to move on as people start, that we’ll find a way to resolve those cases,” said Alfonzo Williams, Burke County Sheriff.

Simon missing now, but tomorrow it could be me, whatever happen to him we need to get to the bottom of it– and hey it could be your family next…” said Ernest Powell Sr., Brother of missing person.

There is currently a $10k reward for anyone that knows what happened to Powell or his whereabouts.

You can contact the Burke County Sheriffs office at (706) 564- 2133