AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – A follow-up now on an Augusta business owner who’s helping others grow their clientele by creating a commercial kitchen for them to use.

The brains behind OPP (Other People Prepping) Kitchen is Onnie Sanford. She’s taking the opportunity to help other businesses in the area thrive, by creating a shared kitchen space  for cooks.

“It’s everything like having a brick and mortar without actually having all of  the daunting overhead of the actual brick and mortar” said Sanford.

OPP Kitchen opened in Augusta to give business owners who are looking to sell different types of food, the chance to run their business out of the OPP Kitchen.  It started with a food business she created herself six years ago, in this same location.

 “Paleo Num Yums was established here so we had a lot of things already in place to grow a business, so those businesses get all those amenities and it just kind of allows them a very easy way to sell their food” said Sanford.

Sanford says, she transitioned her business to help others that may be struggling to gain customers, now seven different food companies are using the space.

And added a chance for businesses to have one-on-one guidance

“One thing that we’ve added since we’ve opened is the opportunity for business mentorships what I found is there are a ton of businesses who think they’re ready for the shared kitchen but when it gets into it it’s a little overwhelming” said Sanford.

Businesses are also given the chance to be referred to outside events through the OPP Kitchen.

“Part of what we do is kind of network so we’ve got a lot of resources here within the community some are free some are relatively cheap but even if you feel like your business just maybe isn’t quite ready and you have a Lotta questions don’t hesitate to come talk to me” said Sanford.

Sanford says there’s room to bring more chefs into her kitchen, all it takes is a visit to her website.

Visit OPP Kitchens’ website for more information.