NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – National Day of Prayer is a day where communities all across the country come together and pray.

This year, the city of North Augusta wanted to do something special.

People from around the community gathered at the Wesley Center to talk about how they could blanket the city in prayer.

“We have put together a seven day prayer card focus, and it’s based on the Seven Centers of Influence. So each day, each person will pray for a particular area. One day will be government, one day will be education, one day will be family, one day will be media. So, every day there will be a particular area of the community that we’ll be praying for,” said Mayor Briton Williams.

The Mayor was excited to see so many people out to help support the cause.

“I’m blown away. As I told the folks, this is not your father’s National Day of Prayer. It was a lot different. On most National Days of Prayer, you have a big speaker, you come and eat, and you pray, and then, you leave. This is all about call of action, and everyone that came here today, they left with these cards, and we have prayer stations that we were praying over these Seven Centers of Influence in our community,” said Mayor Williams.

For those who attended the event, the mission is clear: to get the cards to as many people as possible.

“The only way we’re going to change this community is we have to do it by prayer, and we want to be the most prayed over city. We want to cover North Augusta in prayer, and we’re starting it today,” said Williams.