SERVPRO performing ‘COVID-19’ cleanings across the CSRA


AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF)- It is a possibility that within the next 30 days-some businesses across the CSRA could re-open their doors.

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Flete spoke to some people at SERVPRO about certain things businesses will need to do in order to open back up after COVID-19.

As the number of positive coronavirus cases in our area continues to grow, Co-Owner of SERVPRO Todd Cory says this means more work for his team.

Cory says they have already serviced some places in the area for a “COVID-19 cleaning.”

“It’s an unrepresented event. Our crews are trained to be in these situations. We are certified to deal with biohazard clean up situations.”

He says the work load grows with every positive test.

“We’ve been in homes. We’ve been in manufacturing facilities. We’ve been in offices, industrial, anywhere there may be a suspected case or a confirmed case.

There are two forms of disinfecting and sanitation methods serve pro uses for a “COVID-19” cleaning.

Jay York is Co-owner along with Cory. York covers more of the cleaning process.

“Proactive cleaning touches some of the main touch points inside the offices. Things like door knobs, doors. On a suspected or confirmed case we clean the walls down about 8 feet. We wipe down every surface inside of the bathrooms. We clean the floors. We take a much more detailed approach.”

Both owners tell me SERVPRO uses Serv-pr-oxide as the cleaning solution.

How strong would you say the products are?

“With the EPA registration they’ve been proven to kill viruses very similar to COVID-19.”

How long does the cleaning processes take?

“In a typical 200 square foot office we would have a time there for four to five hours and then the dwell time or the time the chemical needs to stay wet on the surface is 10 minutes. Once we’re done most businesses are able to go back to work within a couple hours.”

Todd Cory says there is already a priority response list in place in case businesses are interested in a COVID-19 cleaning.

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