ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff met with school superintendents in Atlanta to talk about the impact of the American rescue plan funding and how to get schools restarted to in person learning this fall.

The school superintendents say the extra funding will close the literacy gaps in Georgia schools.

Georgia will get 4-billion dollars for its public schools as part of the American rescue plan.

Senator Jon Ossoff said, “Over this last year for educators, students, our community. This has been a tough time. For parents who have had to partial school closure, for educators and young people.”

The funds give local school districts flexibility to get schools re-opened this fall.

“Supporting and bringing on additional teaching resources,” said Ossoff.

Dr. Lisa Herring, Superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools said, “We have utilized the funding as wellness, social and emotional wellness not just for students but our staff.”

“Not only are these leaders are preparing for a full return to in person learning, but they are investing in new opportunities, new programs, extra curricular learning, early childhood education,” said Senator Ossoff.

Senator Jon Ossoff says he is encouraging school leaders to review the CDC guidelines on safe back to school practices and will meet with school superintendents throughout the state.

Senator Ossoff said,”So that schools can not just return, but make this coming school year the best in our history. I am continuing to work with school leaders to get the best education this school year. I know we are eager not just to return to normal but the best year in our history.”

Senator Ossoff did not comment about the critical race theory in the curriculum.

Just a few weeks back, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed an executive order that removed mask mandates in school with the CDC issuing new guidelines saying masks are not needed at summer camps for those who are fully vaccinated.

Breakdown of local school funding in American Rescue Plan

  • Burke County School District: $14.1 million
  • Columbia County School District: $24.7 million
  • Emanuel County School District: $15.1 million
  • Glascock County School District: $790,000
  • Jefferson County School District: $9.4 million
  • Jenkins County School District: $5 million
  • Lincoln County School District: $2.4 million
  • McDuffie County School District: $11.5 million
  • Richmond County School District: $112.4 million
  • Taliaferro County School District: $972,000
  • Warren County School District: $3.6 million
  • Wilkes County School District: $4.6 million
  • Screven County School District: $11.4 million