WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJBF) – The U.S. Senate passes Senator Jon Ossoff’s latest bill which will make a big difference for the families of homicide victims.

According to legislators, Senator Ossoff and Senator John Corryn (R-TX)’s bill, known as the Homicide Victims’ Families Rights Act of 2022, will secure justice for federal homicide cold case victims and their families.

Legislators say that this bipartisan bill will allow families to ask for a new investigation of a loved one’s murder where no evidence has been found so far.

According to the bill, once a homicide investigation becomes a cold case, family members may request a review of the investigation by the applicable agency with the goals of:

  • Analyzing the investigative steps used in the initial investigation to determine if any follow-up steps were overlooked,
  • Assessing whether witnesses should be interviewed or re-interviewed,
  • Examining the physical evidence to ensure all appropriate forensic testing and analysis was performed, and
  • Modernizing the file to bring it up to current investigative standards.

“There’s no worse nightmare than losing a loved one to homicide,” says Senator Ossoff “Our bipartisan bill will help families pursue justice for the murder of a loved one.”

According to the press release, Senator Ossoff, alongside Senator Cruz (R-TX), introduced the bipartisan Civil Rights Cold Case Investigations Support Act of 2022, to help the Civil Rights Cold Case Records Review Board examine unsolved murders that occurred during the Civil Rights era and bring justice for the victims and their families back in February.