AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Coverage you can count on begins tonight with a U.S. Senator in town. Georgia’s Jon Ossoff making a stop at Fort Gordon today saying many dwellings need to be upgraded. Here’s the story.

Strong words from freshman Senator Jon Ossoff as he made his second trip to Fort Gordon since being elected.

“Communication is vital and that’s why I was here to meet with not just the command but the junior enlisted personnel and their families who are most impacted.”

After speaking with several service members for a couple of hours, Ossoff says he learned more about some of their living conditions.

“They deserve much better than asbestos, lead pipes, and shotty responses to requests for maintenance. They deserve much, much better.”

Balfour Beatty, a British company, manages on post housing.

“The blame for this doesn’t rest with the command here. The command here has had a system of privatized housing imposed upon them. The responsibility lies with the contractor to meet standards.”

The senator wants to hold the contractor accountable. 

“Will continue to pursue every avenue available to me to bring the resources to bear and the reforms to fruition such that the soldiers who serve here and their families can count on safe, healthy, high-quality housing.”

Earlier this year, Ossoff secured a commitment from the White House budget director to bring in resources. 

“It is absolutely a time to have a meeting with the private contractor and to express to the private contractor, as I will, that they’re not meeting the expectations that I have, that the Army has and indeed what I believe are their obligations to provide personnel here with the best quality housing.”

Ossoff says he supports the provisions that were passed in last year’s national defense authorization act. The law established a naming commission and right now the commission looking into renaming any military asset that has confederate ties. That includes Fort Gordon.