Senator David Perdue praises Augusta’s growth at Chamber meeting


AUGUSTA, GA – Georgia Senator David Perdue is praising Augusta’s growth. Perdue was the keynote speaker for the annual Metro Augusta Chamber Dinner Thursday night.  The Senator also made it very clear that he thinks the President should allow voters to decide the next Supreme Court Justice in November.

“The nomination for the next justice to the Supreme Court should be referendum and let the American people through our election process this fall determine that, and I think that’s the best thing to do right now and that’s why I came out today,” he said Thursday.

Perdue heaped praises on Augusta’s Chamber of Commerce for the new business that its attracted. “Augusta’s on the move. If you look at what’s happening, the Textron announcement today, you’ve got ADP recently, Unisys, the Cyber Warfare Center, Army Cyber Warfare centers, and the NSA. There’s a lot of dynamic growth going on in Augusta.”

Russ Krueger, the new Chamber Chairman echoes Perdue’s sentiment. He says Augusta will prosper in the coming years. “Having a great work force and having a place that employs, having an affordable place to live that’s why businesses come to places like Augusta. So exciting things lay ahead for us,” says Krueger.

Senator Perdue told the Chamber that big government doesn’t do what they are doing in Augusta. He says Augusta is a role model for how a city can develop naturally. Perdue explains, “I believe in Capitalism, and Augusta is a great example of a community that believes in that and establishes the things that need to be established in order to attract jobs and attract growth. There’s a lot that the federal government could learn from the city of Augusta.”

Senator Perdue hasn’t endorsed any Presidential candidate yet, but did say he’s frustrated with candidates ignoring the debt crisis in America.

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