Senator David Perdue explains how the presidential election will play a role in our national security

The Means Report: Senator David Perdue Explains How The Presidential Election Will Play A Role In Our National Security
The Means Report: Senator David Perdue Explains How The Presidential Election Will Play A Role In Our National Security

Augusta, GA — The Means Report is pleased to welcome one of Georgia’s leading lawmakers to our set.  Senator David Perdue is our special guest for the entire broadcast.  The Peach State’s junior senator has only been in office for 2 years, but has been hard at work on several key issues and committees.

Senator Perdue talks to us about the presidential election. He gives us his thoughts on whether his party’s candidate, Donald Trump, can win. He also gives his thoughts on Hillary Clinton and what a win for the Democrats would mean for this country.

Senator Perdue gives us keen insight into the war on terror when it comes to cyber security. The CSRA is a hotbed for cyber activity and the senator talks to us about our national and international role.

Perdue also spends time with us covering the national debt. The deficit is closing in on 20-trillion dollars. We ask the former executive how his business experience could be applied to reduce our country’s debt.

Our extensive interview also covers a wide range of other topics facing the United States.  Be sure to join us as we tackle foreign relations, food labeling, and whether we should fear Russia.  The senator also talks about what the future holds for our children when it comes to education.  He’ll spend time talking about ways he is working to help veterans as well.  You will want to watch to find out about his efforts to improve the healthcare, and overall well-being of those who have served this country.

We hope you enjoy this edition of The Means Report as we welcome Georgia Senator David Perdue.Interview Part 2

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