AUGUSTA, Ga. ( WJBF) — Gary Roane said the sewer system in his neighborhood is causing him a lot of problems.

“If everybody could see my yard, they could see all the water in this neighborhood runs downhill and its starting to corrode my yard going into the sewage,” Gary Roane said.

It’s an issue he says he’s dealt with for years —

“It’s just causing my yard to pull up all the grass and the sand and its just making major holes for me and I’m sick and tired of that,” Roane said.

And still  continues to deal with…..

But there could soon be a solution to the problem —

Sen. Raphael Warnock has secured $3.9 million dollars in funding for the Travis and Boykin Road area where Roane lives.

The money will be used for water and sewer replacement for 150 houses in the area.

“That would be great to have a better sewage system and things of that nature,” Roane said.

$3.2 million dollars in federal funding will also go to a storm water drainage project in the National Hills neighborhood.

Another $2.1 million will go Medical College of Georgia to help keep doctors in rural and underserved areas.

In a statement Sen. Warnock said: “These investments will help improve the County’s water infrastructure, and bolster health care access for residents across Georgia.

Roane said he’s happy to see lawmakers working to make improvements in the Augusta area.

“We’re the voters. We’re the ones that are putting them into the office that they’re in and it shows us that they’re thinking about us to so its good to see things like that come to the area,” Roane said.

$3.67 million is also going to Fort Gordon’s Cyber Center of Excellence and another $69 million going toward the construction of the Cyber Instructional Facility at Fort Gordon.