FORT GORDON, G.A. (WJBF) – Senator Jon Ossoff gave an update to military families regarding the investigation into unlivable condition at Fort Gordon.

“These are families who are raising children in conditions that are unacceptable,” said Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff.

Senator Ossoff gave an update to military families an almost year long investigation into the contractor Balfour Beatty. He says the company needs to be held accountable for these conditions. He made two announcements.

He said, “The first is that you may have seen, the army on the basis of a bi-partisan investigation that I led has now launched its own investigation and audit of Balfour and its performance.”

The army has also suspended all incentive  payments to the contractor for the duration of that investigation. Ossoff has also submitted a bi-partisan inquiry to the sectary of defense. That inquiry asks three questions.

“One will the Airforce and Navy take similar action as the army and launch their own investigations of Balfour’s performance on Naval and Airforce installations. Two I’ve asked the secretary of defense to tell me precisely what authorities he needs from congress that he may now lack to conduct vigorous oversight and fully investigate the state of privatized housing on military bases,” said Ossoff.

The inquiry will also ask for clarification on whether the department of defense has received all of the requests for home maintenance and repairs that have been made by personnel and their families at Fort Gordon. NewsChannel 6 spoke with an advocate for those military families, who testified on Capitol Hill.

“It’s repulsive conditions. They’re disgusted with what they have to deal with especially when the work orders aren’t being addressed,” said Jana Wanner an advocate for military families living on base.

Jana Wanner does not currently live on post, but she did years ago. She says she had to endure those same conditions. She says mold, roach infestations, asbestos, and sewage leaks are just a few of the problems at the homes on the bases.

She says, “You’ve got babies crawling on floors that got lead paint chipping off the walls.”

NewsChannel 6 asked Ossoff if the contractor will face any criminal charges stemming from this investigation.

“Here’s what’s so shocking they already have. This company has been engaged in and has been convicted of major fraud in the United States for six years,” said Ossoff.

Both Senator Ossoff and Wanner say they will continue advocating for these families. .