Sen. Lindsey Graham talks Margaritas, Mexico, and MOX


AIKEN, S.C.–  US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took time from a very busy week in the nation’s capitol to stop by the Aiken Chamber of Commerce annual dinner Friday night.

The event recognizes the contributions small and large businesses make in the All-America City.

The crowd at the USC-Aiken Convocation Center gave a warm reception to Sen. Graham, who spoke briefly our WJBF crew about the Trump Administration’s first week.

Graham says he’s seen a lot of good policy initiatives–  but a little too much drama!

“I made a joke that anything that drives up the cost of tequila, Corona or margaritas is a bad idea, but 60% of our vegetables come from Mexico; all the cable that we use to build 787s in Charleston comes from Mexico; our economies are integrated. They’re the third largest trading partner of the United States, we don’t want a trading war with Mexico, we want to secure our border.”

Sen.Graham says build the wall, yes… but he’s willing for Americans to pay for it.

As for the new administration’s other actions this week, he’s a fan of several, starting with President Trump’s emphasis on the Keystone pipeline.

“Building it is a good idea,  trying to jump start rebuilding the military,  setting in motion a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare,  keeping people from terrorist countries from coming into our country until we can better vet, all good stuff- setting up tax cuts.”

And when it comes to the mission at SRS, Graham says Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry is coming to see it first hand.

“We’re at a crossroads on MOX, it costs too  much but there’s not a viable replacement. It ‘s more efficient, we can lower the cost but not abandon the idea of turning these nuclear weapons into plowshares. I want Rick Perry to see all the good things we do at the Savannah River National Lab, everything we do here at SRS and I think that will sell itself.”

Graham says the most important thing Washington can do is defend this nation.  He wants to rebuild the military and put an end to -quote- “America looking weak in the eyes of our enemies, and unreliable in the eyes of our friends.”

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