Segment 2: WLJ Angel Gowns is a mission of love and healing


AUGUSTA, Ga.–  On June 2, 2016, a boy was born with an incurable disease. He came prematurely, weighing only 3lbs 9oz.  He lived for 2 hours and 10 minutes. Compounding the grief, his family couldn’t find appropriate burial clothes for such a tiny baby.

Their heartbreaking loss led to WLJ Angel Gowns…  a volunteer-based organization that makes “angel gowns” for other babies that are taken too soon…  from wedding dresses. Baby Waytt’s family wants these littlest souls to have something beautiful to be buried in. 

You can support the mission by donating wedding dresses or formal gowns, or you can send a check to help cover shipping costs when gowns are mailed to families out of the CSRA.

There is also a need for seamstresses who can volunteer a little time each week to deconstruct dresses and sew gowns. If you would like to take part, contact Bella via email at,  or message here on Facebook.This is the story of how WLJ Angel Gowns was born.  It’s told by the founder, Bella Bruce, Baby Wyatt’s grandmother:

“Baby Wyatt came on his own when his mommy was 30 weeks pregnant. Labor progressed so quickly that it could not be stopped. So after 4 hours of labor, Baby Wyatt made his appearance. We had such a hard time finding something for Baby Wyatt to wear. Between the lack of clothes in his size, and the emotional roller-coaster we were experiencing from losing him, we were completely overwhelmed. Because of what we went through, we have decided to do what we can to make that part of the process of infant loss as easy as possible. So we are making angel gowns for other babies that are taken too soon. We want them to have something beautiful to be put in.

“All gowns are donated free of charge to families. All volunteers who make the gowns work free of charge. We run on complete donations and volunteer work. We accept donations of all sorts. Donations of wedding gowns and formal dresses are not limited. Formal dresses can be bridesmaid, flower girl, pageant, or prom. We accept any style, size, color, and length. We also accept sewing material. Including, but not limited to, thread, pins, needles, lace, and ribbon.

“We also accept money donations to cover shipping expenses of the gowns along with the purchase of boxes and tissue paper to ship the Angel Gowns in. We will personally deliver every gown in the CSRA to the hospital, homes, funeral homes, or anywhere else that is asked. For all Angel Gowns needed outside of the CSRA, we will ship them out within 1 hour of getting the request before 3pm.

“We are making Angel Wraps for babies born as early as 15weeks. Our Angel gowns can be worn by babies as early as 25weeks. The Angel Gowns and Wraps will range in sizes from 5in-21+in. We want to have something for every baby, no matter when they are born. Every gown is original. There are never two that are alike.”

~Bella Bruce

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