Local video game studio designing games for people with motor skill disabilities

Science & Technology

Team 21 is an indie gaming studio that has always been building something. They have turned their creative talents into making virtual reality video games to help people with disabilities.

“It’s amazing the wealth of technology that’s out there right now,” said game developer Arthur Fogle.

Fogle and his brothers have been interested in technology most of their lives.

He said, “I think for us it’s more of getting to create. That’s a big thing.”

They took their authentic dreams to the virtual world and it took a lot of work after their day jobs.

“For maybe an hour or two at night and then easily probably 30 hours during the weekend working on this stuff,” explained Fogle.

What started off as developing virtual reality games to make the big bucks, Team 21 now creates games to help people with disabilities.  Fogle says people who need help with motor skills can benefit most.

“It has to be more than just a workout for somebody. It needs to be a world they can go and just interact with and at no point in time do they ever realize I’m re-working my arms. I’m re-working my head. It’s not too heavy and I know with a lot of the stuff you don’t use weights. It’s just moving the arms and everything else. Eventually, it turned into the climbing gym we ended up making for them to try out.”

Right now Team 21 Studio member is on his way to Austin, Texas to pitch their gaming ideas to investors. The team hopes it’s successful.

“I want us to get the game studio big and financially stable so that I don’t have to charge money for the vets thing or for any of the rehabilitation software. It all just goes out and it’s all free.”

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