Cyber experts found out hackers crippled several cities’ technology operations in the last month

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Technology is evolving, and so are the techniques cyber attackers are using to steal your information.

You may think a small business would be off a hacker’s radar, but the opposite is exact.

Those companies can get attacked just like the big ones. That’s why SunTrust and the Georgia Cyber Center are hosting a special cyber conference. 

Last month cyber experts found out that hackers crippled several cities’ technology operations.

Now that Augusta is becoming the cyber capital, the Georgia Cyber Center wants to teach businesses how to stay safe. 

“We will tell them these are the threats that we see in the space, and this is how you can better protect yourself,” said cybersecurity program manager, Nicole Cliff.

The major threat?  Ransomware.

“That is only going to continue to increase,” said Cliff. “The statistic is supporting that, every for 14 seconds, a business will undergo a ransomware attack.”

The director of cyber workforce academy, Sarah Reese, says the attacks are happening more often because hackers are finding new tricks to access to your data.

“We always have to be able to educate ourselves, the public and businesses on how to stay safe; based on all of these evolving changing threats they face,” explained Reese.

Reese says buying expensive protection software is not the band-aid to put over the problem. 

“We can’t just expect to throw money and technology at something to be the silver bullet,” said Reese. “We have to look at the people, and how are we using these tools.”

She says education is critical. If people learn how to use the programs, they can defend their companies and their customers from cyber attacks.

“We have to be suspicious on almost everything now of days online,” explained Reese. “That’s going to help us have a better posture in cyberspace.”

The “Building Confidence in a Digital World” cyber talk will be Wednesday, May 22nd, at the Georgia Cyber Center at 2 pm.

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