Students will come from all over the United States in June 2019 to take part in the GenCyber program at the Georgia Cyber Center in downtown Augusta.

Rising 11th and 12th graders will learn the in and outs of all things cyber. For about six to seven hours a day, students will get hands-on experience as to what cyber careers will look like. Activities include cyber scavenger hunts, teaching students basic cyber skills and how to be safe online.

Students will also build robots and program them to self-drive along a course. The National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency is sponsoring the GenCyber Summer Camp. During the week, students will also take a field trip to Fort Gordon.

“It’s a wonderful, yearly event to help increase the awareness of cybersecurity, the potential of cybersecurity careers. To increase the diversity of the cybersecurity workforce throughout the entire nation and also to increase awareness about the good and the bad of being online,” said Computer Science Instructor Stever Weldon.

GenCyber Director Dr. John Krautheim added, “The activities and the resources that Augusta University has put into the cyber program and all the support we’ve gotten from all the way up to President Keel and the governors everything has been a big boom for Augusta and I want to get that information out to the rest of the country to get people coming in here.”

This will be the fifth year Augusta University has hosted GenCyber and it’s an overnight program. Not only will student’s learn about cyber, but they also get a look as to what college life in the dorms will be like. GenCyber starts on June 22nd and lasts until the 29th.

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