School cases soar amidst Covid Delta surge


ATLANTA, Ga (WJBF)- The A-J-C- reports more than 4000 students across 14 districts in metro Atlanta schools have tested positive, forcing those schools to switch back to virtual learning.

Georgia governor Brian Kemp says he won’t mandate masks in schools despite the delta variant surge.

“I think I will will let the schools decide with the individual situation is better than a one-size fits all than the over arching policy government,” said Governor Brain Kemp, Georgia Governor.

Instead, governor Kemp says he’s encouraging teachers to find effective ways to manage the outbreaks.

“A lot of schools had to deal with an initial surge. I am trusting them to do that. Any more guidance or restrictions  will be counter productive,” said Kemp.

“There are going to be more kids in infected and it will spread like crazy in schools,” said Rick Kennedy, Mayo Clinic.

“If they need to go virtual for a week or two, I am supportive of that and that is why I say the best approach is a local one and they did this last year and got a full 180 days in,” said Kemp.

The confusion comes after the c-d-c flip flopped its decision on masks for k-12. Now all students and staff regardless of vaccination status are encouraged to wear masks.

“We are not testing all the kids and they are often asymptomatic because I doubt we will not test every child, every week,” said Kennedy.

Health experts say parents should get vaccinated because students can easily contract and spread the virus with thousands of students already infected.

“Those children will go home and spread it to their parents, grandparents,” said Kennedy.

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