School bus traffic rules for South Carolina (and Georgia)


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – South Carolina State Troopers will be out on the road Monday to make sure people are stopping for school buses as your kids get on and off.

Lance Cpl. Matt Southern with Highway Patrol has a caution for drivers.

“We have to think about the fact that you could hurt or kill an innocent child that’s trying to cross the street,” he said.

It is time to get out of summer mode.

“Areas around our schools are going to become a little more congested with cars, pedestrians, people riding bicycles, said Southern. “It’s time to get in our minds that, hey, school is back in session.”

He laid out the law.

“If you’re on a two lane road and you’re approaching a school bus, you have to stop. If you’re directly behind the bus, of course, we don’t want to go around it.”

He explains how that law changes when you are on a four-lane-road.

“You can pass a school bus if you’re traveling in the opposite direction,” he pointed out. “Medians have nothing to do with it.”

The penalty is steep if you do not follow this law-“$1,062.50 and 6 points against your driver’s license. Once you get to 12, your license is suspended.”

Parents-here is what he says you should teach your kids:

“Danger zones,” said Southern. “There are four danger zones around a school bus-directly in front of it, directly behind it and on either side.”

We all know, the first days back can be a little hectic.

“Leave your house a few minutes earlier,” Southern advises, “so you’re not rushing through a school zone. Those flashing lights are going to be on, which means the speed is going to be reduced.”

In Georgia – the school bus stop laws are similar to those in South Carolina:

On a two-lane road, drivers in both directions must stop when a bus is picking up passengers. On a four-lane road, if there is a median, drivers only on the side where the bus is have to stop. If there is no median, then both sides of the road have to stop.

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