SC Deck collapse sends 20 people into a creek


A frightening dock collapse in South Carolina, causing 20 people to fall into a creek when the dock gave way. Three survivors were sent to the hospital.
ABC’s Gio Benitez is at a dock in bayside, new york with the story and some crucial safety tips.

“We’re getting several calls for a part of a dock that caved in.”

A picture perfect evening, gone horribly wrong. 40 People were posing for pictures this weekend at a restaurant in south carolina, when suddenly the dock beneath their feet caved in, throwing 20 of them into the water below.

Adam Green, “At first it was just a moment of shock. I had my arm around my girlfriend’s shoulders. Next thing, I hear a giant crack and the dock collapsed under the weight off all of us.”

A nearby boat spotted the wreck, helping pull people from the water. Three people were taken the hospital, but everyone is okay.

Incidents like this have happened before, like these unforgettable I do’s.
A bride and groom plunging in the water, while their bridal party was taking photos.

And in 2013 at one Miami sports bar.
This dock split in two – rescue crews scrambled to fish out dozens of survivors.

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