SC Apartment tenants say they’re ‘desperate for help’ after roof caves in


GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)– Four families say they’re now without a home in Greenville after the ceiling crashed onto them in their sleep.

At about 9 p.m. Saturday, residents say the roof over their heads at Shemwood Crossing apartments collapsed.

Tameka Pilgrim says she walked away with a fractured wrist.

“It was me and my younger niece,” Pilgrim said. “What if I couldn’t have saved her? What if I couldn’t have gotten out? I can’t go to work. Where does that leave me and my family?”

Everyone impacted is now living in a hotel nearby. Former residents of the complex say this isn’t the first and only issue they’ve had.

“When it rained, the carpet would become moist. You could smell mold when you touched the wall, the walls would fall in,” Tikeeta Wallace said. “If you opened the door too hard the doorknobs would fall in.”

Families say they’ve asked for help to fix the issues, but say managers are just patching the problem and not getting to the root of it.

“It is the job of management, it is the job of the people who own this complex to make sure it is safe and habitable for the people that live here,” Wallace said.

In response, the property manager of the complex sent this statement:

Residents say management told them the apartments will be ready again on Monday.

Community activists say if nothing is done, they will contact the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

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