SANDERSVILLE, GA (WJBF) – The Washington County community came together Saturday morning with one purpose in mind: a solution to violence they say begins with Christ. 

A shooting incident at the Freaknik Festival on Memorial Day weekend inspired the group to meet.  Local and neighboring pastors, ministers, and law enforcement all spoke at the day of worship and prayer. 

“I am heartbroken, but in me I also feel a hope and a desire for a better tomorrow. That the people in this world will remember that while we are in this world, we are not of it,” event speaker said.

Community members tells NewsChannel6 they want to end violence by working together. 

“Today, I want to encourage all of you here today that together we can stop this violence,” Washington County minister said.

Washington County Sheriff Joel Cochran says his goal is to help strengthen the community. 

“As a leader in our community I just feel it’s incumbent of me to help bring peace, bring harmony, and provide comfort for our community,” Washington County Sheriff Joel Cochran said.

Despite the pain they say they feel with every life lost, the Washington County community made it clear that together they are better. 

“But if we open our hearts and open our arms to one another, and show one another grace, then we can begin the healing process,” event speaker said.

Bria: Sheriff Cochran says he hopes for one thing: 

“You know, we can, turn this, turn this curve around as some of the speakers spoke today. You know, it’s it’s our goal to save lives and prevent others from being hurt and we’re going to do that– we’re gonna do it together,” Sheriff Cochran said.